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Elections in the US are plagued by vote suppression, electronic vote flipping, gerrymandering, and the illegal destruction of election records, which combined have generated an immense epidemic of cynicism that keeps nearly a majority of voters—107 million of them—away from the polls. (When these numbers are figured in, Trump won with 27% of the vote, to Hillary’s 28%.) This year’s Election Integrity panel proposes extensive reports from the field by activists who’ve been making real progress in defending the integrity of digital ballot images. They have discovered that in many states these images may have been illegally and clandestinely destroyed to cover stolen elections. Ballot images are produced in at least 43 states, and the number is increasing. In this age of digital ballot images, EI activists have found that it’s easier to prevent a stolen election than to catch one. So their chief strategy as they will report on this year’s panel is to make elections transparent, trackable and publicly verifiable—and chip away at that epidemic of cynicism by being proactive, not reactive after elections. Under the banner of AUDIT-USA, and led by indefatigable 15-year EI veteran activist John Brakey, the group has been traveling the country investigating and litigating elections and educating the public about the process. The panel will present Brakey, along with recount-specialist, documentary filmmaker, professor, lawyer Chris Sautter; and Florida Fair Elections Coalition founder Susan Pynchon; together with New York Election Integrity activist, journalist and documentary filmmaker Lulu Friesdat, who’s been lobbying Albany against touch-screen ballots, and who will show a new 5-minute documentary on her work.