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The central role of rhetorically shaped language in the determination of events has always been a central concern of the humanities. A major strand in literature has always concerned itself with the agency--and its emancipative capacities--associated with access to, and mastery of, literary tradition and its present trajectory. Experimental writers and publishers attempt to extend and re-make old forms and to create new ones as needed in order to bring "news" of the present to themselves and to readers in contemporary language adequate to the history we are living. Increasingly, in the age of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Goldman Sachs, language seems to be "pasted on" retrospectively to determinations of wealth creation whose violent, for-profit extraction is engineered with algorithms based on market monetizations, globally coordinated and maximized as returns on invested capital, without accountability to a general welfare. With the increasing pre-emption of the determinative role of non-monetized deliberative and imaginative language, what role does the poet, novelist, essayist, and memoirist, and their not-for-profit publishers have on influencing events, including political ones?

A poet and three novelists, all of whom work in book publishing, will discuss how they understand and pursue political agency through both their creative and work lives in the midst of the relentless monetization of all value--including within independent literary presses--that underpins today's financialized global political economy.

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Like a generator in a hurricane, the Working Group on Globalization and Culture offers a collective presentation on “generation” to assess its theoretical purchase for a cultural studies laboring in a moment of widespread emergency. Generation is a keyword in understanding social conflicts over competing visions of the future: struggles over seeds and soil, and investments and inheritance. Insurgent movements are often viewed through the lens of new generations, and histories of migrant communities structured through generational concepts. In this panel, we reconsider the power of generational change and its meaning for inter-generational justice, while reflecting on the history of the generation and regeneration of life, power and energy. The Working Group on Globalization and Culture is an interdisciplinary cultural studies laboratory that has been practicing collective research at Yale University since 2003. Recent projects have been published as “Going into Debt,” online on Social Text’s Periscope, and as “Spaces and Times of Occupation” in Transforming Anthropology; a collective interview regarding “Matters of Life and Death” recently appeared in French Review of American Studies.

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Feminist analysis is crucial for our understanding of male, white supremacist, and imperialist capitalism as a whole. Yet women’s liberation has too often been misunderstood and denigrated by many on the Left. Our speakers will talk about the relationship between feminism and the Left, and why it’s important for Leftists to study feminist theory and history, as well as why feminists should study Marxism. We will examine history, how the feminist movement’s relationship to the Left has evolved, and why a viable revolutionary movement needs to center feminist praxis, and fight to be inclusive of working class women from all backgrounds.

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The co-operative movement was built by people who took on the responsibility for their collective wellbeing in the face of government neglect, economic exclusion and cultural discrimination. As the modern economy increasingly denies vast sectors of the population basic amenities for decent life, this co-operative spirit is as critical as ever. However, over the years the co-op sector has become insular and poorly understood. A Silent Transformation sets out to explore the innovative self-help efforts of diverse communities across the Province of Ontario, which by addressing their needs collectively are helping to regain the radical vision of co-operation. In these communities are the seeds of economic democracy, global solidarity, and a new popular movement to transform society!

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In 1946, right after publishing Animal Farm and right before he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell wrote a hitherto unknown manifesto, calling for a new, socialist human rights organization. The aim of this organization was to have been twofold: to lobby internationally for the free exchange of news and views across the East-West divide, and to oppose exploitation of every kind, in every country. Hoping to halt or mitigate the looming Cold War, Orwell and his co-signatories, Bertrand Russell and Arthur Koestler, urged what Orwell called "psychological disarmament."

Though the new organization was never built, Orwell's manifesto remains enduringly relevant -- and this reading will be the first public event to discuss it publicly. The author and speaker, David Smith, discovered the manifesto in an obscure archive while research George Orwell Illustrated (Haymarket, 2018, forthcoming). Orwell's devotion to truth telling has never been more relevant, and his manifesto makes that clearer than ever.

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This discussion is about the socio-political components contained in the organizational efforts of jazz musicians: Community involvement, independently run artist spaces, self produced record labels, self produced festivals and concert performances will be the focus.

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The exploitation and austerity imposed by capitalism has triggered protests and movements from Egypt, Greece, and France to Ferguson, Baltimore and now West Virginia in the U.S. But these struggles met their limits and dissipated or were channeled back into the system. Nowhere has the working class provided an independent, let alone revolutionary, perspective to current struggles. Many of those seeking revolutionary change have turned away from the working class as the revolutionary model of the 21st century, claiming that the proletariat, its workers’ councils, the revolutionary party, and the socialist program have are no longer necessary, and that we need a new political approach.

We disagree with this perspective. The potential and necessity of the working class to once again provide a leadership to struggles that challenge the status quo is just as true today as it ever was. But it is important to carry out regular revolutionary activity in the working class and not to simply wait around for periods of mass upheaval. Come to a presentation and discussion of our perspectives and efforts in both France and the U.S. for building a revolutionary organization in the working class today, and hear about our concrete experience organizing and participating in the recent railroad workers’ strikes and the student movement against austerity in France.

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Progressives are sometimes fooled by governmental programs that offer to solve social problems, including the provision of affordable housing. Historically, FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society did hand out billions of dollars and, for a time some people benefited, but some claim the money would have been better spent if it were just given away in grants to those deserving low income housing. The panel identifies an innovative use of community land trusts to permanently provide affordable housing, by leveraging mixed income and commercial rental of CLT-owned land to sustain availability of the majority of units for tenants at 60% of AMI.

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Early in 2018 we saw Black Panther rise to become the 3rd highest grossing film in America, and there was no shortage of online conversations surrounding #WakandaForever. While this film made unprecedented history with its almost all-Black cast, our panel will get into some of the deeper themes of the film and how they have been perceived by everyday viewers. Discussion will be centered around how mass incarceration, toxic masculinity, economic inequality, and not only how it was addressed in the film but the longer lasting implications these ideas may have on society.

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Seeking volunteers to create a new cutting-edge Art and Activist Reality TV Show Series and Documentary called "GUERRILLA X ARTIVISM." We are seeking to recruit volunteers for the political campaign staff, the guerrilla art team, Film/TV crew and computer techs to create our website and social media platforms. We need web designers, videographers, documentarians, filmmakers, film crew, funders, investors and political supporters. Use our project to exhibit your unique skill sets, services & products on a wide scale. First meeting is at 1pm on Friday, June 1st at BRU 64 (café/brewery) in Downtown Cortland on 64 Main Street.

Through Cross’ campaign, we will challenge the political status quo in a much more revolutionary way than Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders do so today by introducing a new technology platform that could create a true direct democracy based on Alan Watkins and Imus Stratenus’ book called “Crowdocracy: The End of Politics,” ( within the breakthrough Integral Governing Dynamics (IGD) model that would rein-vent government through the eventual elimination of political parties, career representatives, big money lob-byists and special interest groups that tends to produce dysfunctional government paralysis, corruption and scandals. And in order to popularize this new form of national governance to the world, Cross embarks on an unconventional guerrilla art/political campaign for congress in rural red republican towns and small blue democratic cities of upstate New York. Z.X.C. and his crew of Guerrilla X Artivists launch a clever and innovative political campaign that mobilizes Millennials through their temporary, outdoor, site-specific, art installations at night that communicates the campaign’s new narrative, vision, philosophy and solutions of wicked problems for humanity, while also seeking to depolarize the cultural divisiveness among the electorate in America as a candidate for a metamodern, pseudo-political third party called the Society of the Third Millennium (S3K), while at the same time attempting to orchestrate a major political upset during the 2018 Congressional race through the defeat of conventional Democratic and Republican opponents in the November election.



It’s “Banksy Does New York” meets “The War Room.” A daring, 13-week, “Change of Consciousness” guerrilla art/political campaign with “Live-Look Ins” of the actual projects being done in real time during the upcoming 2018 Congressional Election in upstate New York to end politics as we know it, by a Millennial supported, trans-partisan, independent, third party candidate—Zoren X. Cross.


There is a political blue wave coming. And whether it becomes a terrible tsunami or hopeful harbinger of change depends on one’s cultural orientation and geographical location. However, there is one unforeseen Gen X candidate that threatens to upend all expectations from both sides of the political spectrum through his unconventional campaign of integral guerrilla art in the flippable Congressional District of NY-22….

Zoren X. Cross, otherwise known as “The Rebel Rodder” (a play on the words: rabble rouser/hot rodder) who was the founder and leader of a classic hot rod club in California and used to street race his 1971 Mach 1 Mustang in the early 1990s, now drives an aptly named, black and red modern muscle car—the Dodge CHALLENGER—which is an appropriate vehicle for a guerrilla artist and activist (artivist) to sprint towards the political finish line this Fall. Cross challenges the political status quo in a much more revolutionary way than Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders do so today by introducing a new technology platform that could create a true direct democracy based on Alan Watkins and Imus Stratenus’ book called “Crowdocracy” within Zevin’s breakthrough Integral Governing Dynamics (IGD) model that would reinvent government through the eventual elimination of political parties, career representatives, big money lobbyists and special interest groups that tends to produce dysfunctional government paralysis, corruption and scandals. And in order to popularize this new form of human governance to the world, ZXC embarks on an unconventional guerrilla art/political campaign for congress in rural republican towns and small democratic cities of upstate New York. He and his crew of Guerrilla X Artivists launch a clever and clandestine political campaign that mobilizes Millennials through their temporary seizures of outdoor, public spaces to erect unauthorized, site-specific, art installations at night in order to capture free mainstream media attention by piggy-backing on controversial issues that communicates his campaign themes and solutions to depolarize the cultural divisiveness among the electorate as a candidate for a pseudo-political third party called the Society of the Third Millennium (S3K)—all-the-while trying to avoid detection by the public and apprehension by police during their “midnight maneuvers,” while at the same time attempting to orchestrate a major political upset during the 2018 Congressional race through the defeat of conventional Democratic and Republican opponents in November.

Beginning in mid-July and running right on through election day, November 6, this ingenious Docu-Style Reality TV Series can be enjoyed as both an arced storyline and self-contained episodes. As an arced storyline it documents the 4-month, political journey of a first-time, white Hispanic congressional candidate who does not choose to engage in a hopeless head-on fight against the political machine but instead wisely chooses to unplug it through his refusal to play by the establishment’s rules and opting out of the ruling elite’s political field of battle of big money donors and rich corporate sponsors who end of up owning the politicians they help elect. ZXC instead intends to rewrite the political playbook and elevate the art of reality TV by running a youth-oriented congressional campaign that promotes a new vision, narrative and grand unified theory and strategy for radical evolutionary transformation through a new evolutionary ethos of cooperation, team work and avant-garde guerrilla art instead of the typical survival-of-the-fittest political campaigns and the dog-eat-dog world of competition reality shows. However, ZXC and the Society of the Third Millennium (S3K) still have to follow a campaign timeline and meet milestones by going through the process of recruiting volunteers, forming a campaign staff, assembling a Guerrilla X Artivist crew, doing non-stump political speeches on YouTube, while raising campaign funds by selling S3K merchandise, putting up S3K posters throughout all 8 counties of the congressional district instead of the typical political yard signs to promote the website, meet the write-in petition deadline and enact a “get out the vote” (GOTV) registration drive for Millennials, among many other political activities. And it’s through this unorthodox campaign that the stories of not only the candidate but the individuals involved in the campaign will be told consisting of diverse artists in a variety of mediums like drawing, painting, sculpture, installations and mixed-media and different activists such as rebels, reformers and change agents whose various preferences like: 1) Local interests versus national and global emphasis; 2) Idealism versus pragmatism; 3) Radical change versus moderate pace; and 4) Militant versus moderate advocacy, may clash with dissimilar types of liberal activists who hold different progressive modes of thoughts and emphasis like: 1) Socioeconomic progressives; 2) Identity politics progressives; 3) Environmentalists; 4) Civil liberties progressives; 5) Spiritual progressives; and 6) Antiauthoritarians.

Finally, it’s fair to say that as the economic gap between the rich and poor widens in America (and in other Western democracies) a ripening for revolt will continue as it has for years, if not decades. Since the 2008 Obama Presidential “Change We Can Believe In” campaign, the 2009 Tea Party rebellion, the 2011 OWS occupations, the 2015 Black Lives Matter upheaval, the 2016 Sander’s “political revolution,” and the rightwing revolt of the Trump Triumph—all are major manifestations of the eruptive ebb and flow of populous uprisings swinging right and left and right again. The selection of Donald Trump has proven to be the biggest fuck you to “business-as-usual” in world history. As such, the 2016 presidential election has been described by many political pundits as the year of the outsider—the rejection election. Trump was referred to as political chemo to purge the status quo—a human Molotov cocktail flung at the corrupt system. Sander’s supporters were seen in a similar fashion—an anti-establishment eruption of an embittered electorate. According to the November 9th 2016 CBS Evening News broadcast, Hillary Clinton was a victim of both such populist movements—caught between two revolutions—one on the left with Obama and eight years later stung on the right by Trump. This unique Docu-Style Reality TV Series reflects the contemporary trends and current political, economic, social and cultural climate that has birthed multiple movements like: 1) “Pencils Down” Wildcat Teachers’ Strikes, 2) Never Again Movement (NAM), 3) the DACA Immigrant Rights/Sanctuary Movement, 4) the Women’s March (MeToo/Times Up) Movement, 5) The Resistance Movement, 6) The Anti-Fascist Movement (ANTIFA), 7) Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement, 8) Community Rights Movement (CRM), 9) Moral Revival Mondays Movement and 10) the new Poor People’s Campaign derived from the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s shift from civil rights to the Economic Justice Movement begun in 1968. All leading many of us to conclude—the Rebels are on the Rise and the Establishment is on the Ropes! And “Guerrilla X Artivism” is just the vehicle to showcase solutions by inserting them into the American consciousness through popular culture for maximum exposure to the widest audience possible and thus, potentially increase citizen engagement in order to evolve our system of governance and elevate our society to the next evolutionary leap of human existence like a “Second Age of Enlightenment,” or what I like to refer to as the “Epic Era of Metamodernism.” Is this too much to expect from a reality TV show? Perhaps, but my past unconventional life experiences have always been about defying the odds and achieving some level of success. My approach to this epic endeavor will be no different but ultimately there is only one way to truly find out.

Contact Campaign Manager Email: / Facebook: Zevin X. Cruz / Phone: (607) 835-6673