platform capitalism

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Planetary-scale technology companies have erected powerful new platforms that mediate everyday life. Increasingly this platform is the organizational model administering what once was known as “politics”. What are the implications for political and cultural institutions, their critique, and political aesthetics?

Writer, theorist, and critic Mike Pepi will discuss the rise of platform capitalism and the fall of the Silicon Valley project, and the future of “institutional critique” after the weaponization of digital technology.

New York based artist Joshua Citarella will present his ethnographic research on Left wing memetic subcultures that emerged in the wake of the 2016 election; Politigram & the Post-left (2018). These communities offer insight into how politically engaged young people are organizing online in ways that evade the Data-eye of mainstream platforms.

Will Luckman will discuss his work as co-founder of the NYC DSA: Tech Action Working Group. Developing a socialist perspective on technology and illuminating questions of how Big Tech influences economic policy, education, housing and criminal justice. Luckman is the managing editor at powerHouse Books, an art book publisher in NYC.