Social Ecology

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“No is not enough.” To save the planet from impending catastrophe, people need a positive vision of a better world and the roads leading to it. In other words, a credible picture of a possible Ecotopia and plausible account of how to get from here to there. But is “Another World” REALLY possible?

To answer that question, we “Future Historians” have decided to perform a thought experiment. Our premise: if there is even once chance in a hundred for a better world – we ought to be able at least to imagine it. So we place ourselves in the position of Future Historians living in the year 2118 on a damaged, but stabilized, planet. Our project is to look backward a century and reconstruct HOW our great-grandparents got us from THEN - today’s capitalist death-spiral - to NOW - a sustainable, egalitarian global society free of war, oppression and exploitation.

Future Historians is an international study group of scholar/activists from Moscow to California meeting bi-monthly via conference call and publishing our findings on a wiki at