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A proper material analysis of the world requires constant engagement with developments in science and philosophy. This panel hopes to explore the ideas how complexity science, evolution, computation, sync, and similar scientific and philosophical insights might inform today's left politics. The presentation will start with a discussion of basic principles of complexity theory such as linear vs non-linear systems, replication, feedback, emergent behavior, and sync. Within this framework we will look at some example phenomena in today's political discourse such as individual and systemic racism, third party politics, comparative revolutionary processes, and how complex systems inform debt unionization.

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A spectre is haunting the USA: the first strike wave in over four neoliberal decades. West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Los Angeles, and Oakland teachers have walked off their jobs and shut down schools to demand better pay, more funding for students, a reversal of privatization, and an end to years of austerity. More recently, slowdowns and a threatened strike by flight attendants and airport screeners ended the government shutdown. Join us for a conversation about the lessons and prospects of this historic upsurge for educators, unionists, and radicals.

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This interactive workshop seeks to deepen our understanding of the current political moment – the crisis of global capitalism & the planet, intensifying state repression and consolidation of fascism & the interrelations of economic exploitation, racial, gender & national oppression and dispossession in the US & globally. We will share 1. experiences, consciousness & analysis of conditions that inform our work; 2. visions of the world we are fighting for – what does it look like and how do we get there? and 3. strategy & tactics within the revolutionary process today for movement political education, movement leadership, collective political practice, and transformative system change.