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More than a year into the Trump/Pence regime, we see a continuation, deepening and worsening of the militarism of previous administrations. A much larger military budget along with an intensely aggressive strategy, including the threat of nuclear war, has been made evident in an increasing role for the armed forces in the government itself, in the air and on the ground – more air strikes via both conventional bombers and drones, from Afghanistan to Somalia. Drone strikes tripled in the first year of the Trump regime as opposed to the last year of the Obama administration. The relaxation of military rules of engagement lead to increased civilian deaths, even while the very definition of who is and who is not a “civilian” remains highly questionable. Our panel will also consider how to utilize various forms of protest and advertising to bring this information known only to a small segment of people in the US, to a wider spectrum of the population.

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After the recent storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the IDF to engage in collective punishment of Palestinians and Trump’s recent declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, completely ignoring Palestinian claims. . .international unity for non-violent actions becomes even more urgent and. . .necessary. Those events reflect a manifestation of the grim racist, ethnic cleansing ideologies advocated by a recent surge of demagogues that have gripped the world including the Holy Land, the epicentre of world conflict. As such, it is essential to build coalitions with activists worldwide, linked to Holy Land activists to fight this trend, to enlighten the world by bringing it to a place of equality and justice and at the same time pushing the reactionary demagogues back into obsolescence. Relevant to this challenge is the focus of this panel, which is to reveal the recent successes by Palestinians and their allies in showing the way to pushing the peace envelope through non-violent actions, notably at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and recent demonstrations opposing the designation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, etc. It is also dedicated to encouraging activists to come together and organize more non-violent resistance events worldwide, including author events, conferences, music concerts with activist speeches, street demonstrations and other actions in view of building coalitions and planning peace & freedom activity notably with activists in Israel and Palestine.