western imperialist power

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Why are universal imperatives towards human liberation associated with Eurocentrism? What does Black liberation look like today? How do contemporary discursive orientations born in the particularity of lived Black experience speak to a universal imperative towards emancipatory praxis against Empire? How does the singularity of Black liberation mediate against false precepts of universality that imbue contemporary configurations of western imperialist power with sovereign legitimacy? And within this context of Black liberation, how should we understand the call for reparations and the emerging #ADOS movement? By interrogating Black subjectivity as an exceptional antagonism within a western imperialist continuum through engagements with the anti-slavery dialectic of Frederick Douglass, the existential Marxism of Jean-Paul Sartre, the decolonial phenomenology of Frantz Fanon, as well as contemporary theoretical tensions in the Academy between Africana thought and Afropessimism, this panel will explore the continued relevance of Black liberation towards rethinking the meaning, implication, and possibilities of Universality.