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SATURDAY August 25, 2018 - 2:15pm to 3:30pm
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"You must let suffering speak, if you want to hear the truth” ― Cornel West. A widespread movement for justice regarding police Terrorism is underway in America, and the testimonies of injustice are what fuel it. Testimony from Michael Brown Sr, father of Michael Brown of Ferguson Mo; Uncle Bobby X, uncle of Oscar Grant of Oakland Ca; Earl Lewis, cousin of William Chatman Portsmouth VI; Andrew Joseph Jr, father of Andrew Joseph III of Tampa FL; and Ronald Hummons, father of Trepierre Hummons of Cincinnati Oh. These are important and deeply moving testimonies. When testimonies of injustice remain untold and unheard, patterns of injustice go unrecognized and unopposed. Having these testimonies on record is therefore essential to the struggle for justice. The police who commit these acts of violence and terror are part of a system that not only protects them, but can often intimidate their victims into silence. The act of telling these testimonies is an act of defiance that can be liberating for the person who tells it. “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” Bringing our story of injustice to the public eye provides the possibility that it can be part of a much grander story of justice. Michelle Alexander says, "it is important that these stories are brought to the light of day; these families experiences be given voice". Our stories can cause people to question why, and what kind of a system does this to people and allows it to happen?" The fathers, Uncles, and Cousin will share the solutions that can and should be utilized to stop the murder of children of color.


Cephus X Johnson, a.k.a Uncle Bobby X, is a social justice activist at the forefront of ending police violence in America. After his nephew, Oscar Grant was murdered by a Bart police officer in 2009, Cephus founded two social justice organizations, the Oscar Grant Foundation and Love Not Blood... Read more
Earl Lewis, Jr. is a current Security Professional and Private Investigator. He is extremely passionate about contributing to and making a difference in his community. He is a distinguished Army Veteran and a retired Fire Fighter from the Department of the Navy Fire Department. He earned... Read more
Andrew Joseph, Jr. a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and current resident of Tampa, FL after Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Joseph is a current victim advocate and co-founder of The Andrew Joseph He is the father of a deceased 14 year old child named Andrew Joseph, III. His work in... Read more
Ronald Hummons grew up on the rough streets of Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati. He attended Woodward High School where he dropped out in the 11th grade. His childhood, charged with poverty and abuse, led to his loneliness and eventual alienation from his peers. At age eleven, he ran away from... Read more
In Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014 unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, Jr. was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson. Michael had just graduated from high school and was scheduled to begin vocational training classes just two days later. After his graduation, he told his father... Read more
Pastor Michael McBride (known as “Pastor Mike”) is a native of San Francisco and has been active in ministry for over 20 years. Throughout the years, Pastor McBride’s commitment to holistic ministry can be seen through his leadership roles in both the church and community organizations. A graduate... Read more