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Session 3: Saturday, June 2nd: 2:00 - 3:50pm
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Fifty years later, are we approaching a new May 68? In France, massive if dispersed movements are challenging President Macron's neoliberal reforms. Railway workers are striking to challenge givebacks. Students are blocking universities to protest increased tuition fees and inadequate facilities. And this is just the beginning. Workers are mobilizing to resist the erosion of labor protections in the labor reform law that was initiated by executive decree to avoid parliamentary debate. Hospital workers, teachers, and other groups are demonstrating to defend public sectors jobs and services. In the United States, the Trump administration is similarly seeking to enact policies that favor the wealthy and big business, while students, youth, teachers, people of color, human rights activists, women, and workers are fighting back. The panel will explore similarities and differences in government policies and resistance movements in the two countries, as well as analyze the implications and possible future outcomes for political forces, particularly the Left.


General Secretary of Scientific Council of the Gabriel Peri Foundation (France)
Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the university of Columbia
Professor of political science at the William Paterson University
Researcher in geography, journalist