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Room 3
SATURDAY August 25, 2018 - 7:15pm to 8:45pm
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From Eco villages and community land trusts to worm farms and worker co-ops, people all over LA, the country, and the world are coming together to reimagine economy from the ground up - from the dominant extractive, exploitative system currently in place to a regenerative system that values people and the planet. We are hoping to explore connections and make visible local initiatives. We invite you to bring your own passions, questions, talents and resources to explore ways we can come together to co-create the beautiful world we know is possible.


Jodie Evans is the co-founder of CODEPINK. She works tirelessly to end the war economy and grow local peace economies. She is deeply engaged in radical activism to end war and the war machine. Whether in boardrooms or war zones, legislative offices or neighborhood streets, Jodie’s enthusiasm for... Read more
Mary Sutton is life-long activist with a strong commitment to social and economic justice. She grew up in Minnesota where, in the 1980s, she was involved in the movement against apartheid in South Africa. Sutton was active in the movement to stop prison and jail expansion in Los Angeles for almost... Read more
Yvonne Yen Liu is the Research Director of Solidarity Research Center, a worker self-directed nonprofit that works at the intersection of solidarity economic development and racial justice. She is a practitioner of research justice with over 15 years of being a nerd for racial and social justice... Read more