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Session 3: Saturday June 29th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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We have diversity in gender (two women, one man) and sexual orientation, but we are all white. We come from very different professional and personal backgrounds.
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The focus of our panel is on the meaning and challenges to love in a neo-liberal era wherein what is valued is consumer driven and conditioned by the market forces of conformity, conditional love, helicopter parenting, gender and sexual normatives, and the resultant profound loneliness escaped via addictions, celebrity culture and social media. Our focus is on retrieving the richness of loving and being loved from neoliberalism’s shallow versions of both. Britton: Saving Love in an Unloving Culture Javors: The Mental Health Industry: Normalizing Regimens of Love Langer: Gender and Sexuality: My Life as a Chameleon


Cassandra Langer. Art historian and critic Cassandra Langer became the accidental biographer of Romaine Brooks (1874-1970) when a search to uncover the artist’s aesthetics led Langer to rethink the flawed narrative of Brooks’ life. The award-winning author and former Smithsonian post-doctoral...

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Irene Javors, LMHC has degrees in counseling, philosophy and history. She writes on the interplay between culture and psyche. She is the author of ' Culture Notes: Essays on Sane Living.' She has written essays and reviews for the Gay and Lesbian Review /Worldwide, Hyperallergic as...

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Michael Britton,Ed.D is a psychologist/psychotherapist/researcher