She will speak via Skype and will be introduced by a film maker with experience in Palestine and the important role of role of filmmakers in Palestine. Angela Godfrey-Goldstein is a co-founder of Jahalin Solidarity that is a Palestinian non-profit, representing an initiative of Jahalin Bedouin, Israeli, Palestinian and international civil society dedicated to protecting the rights of the Jahalin Bedouin and other Palestinians facing displacement. The Jahalin Bedouin face forced displacement by the Israeli military. All of us at are working to support the Jahalin Bedouin in their struggle to return to their own land in the Negev, and if that is impossible, to stay where they have lived for the past 60 years in the Jerusalem periphery, with access to planning so they may live "normal" lives. We demand accountability for their basic human rights and call on the international community to exercise adequate political will to protect those rights and implement third state responsibility. Further information: (including award winning films: HIGH HOPES, NOWHERE LEFT TO GO and TWILIGHT OF A SCHOOL - ALI and NISREEN at the website); also the Facebook page Jahalin Solidarity and Twitter accounts @Jahalin and @angelajerusalem. Videographer Phil Hopper will introduce her film and discuss roles of Palestinian & Israeli film makers