I have been a warrior in the struggle for community control of education since the NYC school strike in 1967. I was a social worker soon to become an educator. Together with Lynne Stewart, the Peoples’ Attorney, & Ralph Poynter, Union Organizer a, co-founder of the Teacher’s Freedom Party Caucus of the UFT. The three of us formed The New Abolitionist Movement because as everyone knows, "Cats don't educate mice, they eat them.” I have been member of Green Party decades ago after college.
The history of white political parties controlling educational finances in the 'inner city school system is one of control for themselves, not for the benefit of the community nor the children they are supposed to educate. Our job is to organize for Community Control of Public Education and take back our schools from the Corporations and the corrupt politicians who implement these policies. High schools are the bread and butter for military recruiters. Their job is to make friends and engage youth in conversations about the positive experience of military service hoping they will sign on the dotted line and enlist. Promises are made, and misinformation given. Our responsibility is to counter the hype of military recruiters and provide non-military alternatives for students. There is talk of arming the teachers. Prison seat availability is still based on the 3rd grade reading test failures. Our revolutionary commitment must be to eliminate this horrific reality.
Journals: Community Control of Schools