David M. Kotz is Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Distinguished Professor in the School of Economics at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He is the author of The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism, Harvard University Press, 2015 (paperback edition 2017), and Russia's Path from Gorbachev to Putin: The Demise of the Soviet System and the New Russia, coauthored with Fred Weir, Routledge, 2007. He is an editor of Contemporary Capitalism and Its Crises: Social Structure of Accumulation Theory for the Twenty First Century, with coeditors Terrence McDonough and Michael Reich, Cambridge University Press, 2010. He has published articles in the Review of Radical Political Economics, Science and Society, Monthly Review, Jacobin, and International Critical Thought. His research interests include neoliberal capitalism, economic crisis theory, the rise of right-wing nationalism, models of socialism, the post-Soviet Russian economy, and the Chinese economy.