Climate Reality Project - Leader, Mentor, Trainer and Co-presenter;
NYC and NJ Coalition for Climate Justice - Founder;
The Global Awareness Project for Climate Justice Blog- Founder;
NJ Sierra Club EJ Committee ;
Clark Township - Alternate member of the Environmental Commission;
Treasurer- National Association Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) NJ Chapter;
2017 & 2018 Co-Lead NJ People's Climate Movement;
Learning Disabilities Diagnostician, Contributing Author of Climate Abandoned.

One of Maria's graduate degrees is a M.A. in Literary Translation (English/French/Spanish). She worked 23 years ago in a project/thesis on literary translation of one of the co-Founders of la Créolité, Dr. Raphaël Confiant. She translated the first circle (100 pages) of Le Nègre et l'Amiral (El negro y el almirante). She visited Martinique 3 times between1996 and 1997, and completed her research and translation by 1998 (published in 1999 by la Universidad de Puerto Rico with a total of 198 pages that include the "nota del traductor" or Translator's note). In her work she found commonalities between Martinique and Puerto Rico related to the process of racial integration, colorism, the economy in the 1940s in the Caribbean, supersitions and magic, the illiterate and poor working class, the slums in PR and Martinique, and Christian traditions. The only difference she found was the use of Créole as a language of resistance, phenomenum that did not happen in Puerto Rico. Her thesis has been chosen in 2019 to appear in a Doctoral Thesis on Traductology at the Université de la Sorbonne -Paris 3 about the work of Dr. Confiant, as reference of the vocabulary, language, and sentence structures she used in her translation. ----- From 2004 – 2007 Maria also served as one of the plaintiffs in the “Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding” which sought to ensure that adequate funding was being “distributed equitably based on student learning needs, fair measures of town wealth, and fidelity to the tax equalization principles underlying the ECS.”