Rev. Wanda Johnson has become an amplified voice of empathy and compassion for individuals seeking justice, grieving, and healing from innocent lost lives by hands of law enforcement. Her beloved only son Oscar Grant III was murdered by a Oakland Bart transit officer on January 1, 2009.Her experience around the justice process, the media, and legalities around trial, strategy, and community work has become a key role nationally as she travels the world seeking justice for our communities world-wide. She works side by side with the mothers of Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and countless other families. This past April, Beyonce took to their solidarity in her special visual album, ‘Lemonade’ featuring some of all of the mothers including Wanda.
The Oscar Grant tragedy was a re-awakening to taking an action for justice. Oakland’s demand for justice ignited a national movement demanding justice in all similar cases. Such publicity caught the attention of Forest Whittaker. In 2013, He produced hit film, ‘Fruitvale Station’, a story that humanizes Oscar Grant’s last day of life.
She is CEO of The Oscar Grant Foundation, a 501(c)3, that helps at-risk youth, grieving families, students support and enrichment, education, and hunger. The Foundation also has it’s own AAU basketball team in honor of Oscar called, The O.G Ballers.
Wanda hopes to also improve the social inequities caused by negative stereotyping in law enforcement. She is an international motivational speaker, established gospel minister, and makes monthly appearances around the world impacting hearts in similar struggles. A dynamic well-spoken activist she has made guest appearances on nationally syndicated television programs, at respected universities, and at public forums. She continues to bring attention to injustices that remain prevalent in law enforcement and the criminal justice system