Sharonne Salaam has been an advocate for justice for over 40 years. Most people know Ms. Salaam as the mother of Yusef Salaam one of the Central Park 5. Ms. Salaam is a founding member of “Justice 4 The Wrongfully Incarcerated”. On May 9, 2016, she began the 9-day walk, from Harlem to Albany, NY. There, legislation was introduced on behalf of the wrongfully incarcerated and their families. The bill number A10169A was sponsored by Assemblyman Keith Wright. This bill, when passed, will offer the wrongfully incarcerated housing, social services, medical assistance, free vocational and college education, job placement preference as well as monetary compensation for the years of wrongful incarceration.

For many years Ms. Salaam worked with People United for Children advocating for families with children in foster care and in juvenile justice facilities. She held programs educating parents on issues related to advocating for their child/children’s return from foster care and ways to stabilize their families. She offered both advocacy and legal education programs. Over the years Ms. Salaam has assisted in the return of thousands of children to their families from foster care.

She has served on many boards including Harlem’s Community Board 10 and is presently a board member of WBAI.